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i193Welcome to Holistic Health from A to Z, the podcast that brings you timely and quality interviews with a wide variety of holistic practitioners.  From acupuncture to zen yoga, journey with us as we explore it all with the top practitioners in not just Minnesota, but around the country and the world!

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Episode:  Join Cindy Locher of the Twin Cities Holistic Practitioners Association as she interviews Hope Scoles about her work with Awaken Higher Brain Living, a new methodology giving people amazing benefits. Find out how you can increase focus, reduce anxiety and depression, eliminate the emotions that block you from achieving, naturally with this innovative technique.  Find out more about Hope and Higher Brain Living on her practitioner page:  http://www.twincitiesholisticpractitioners.com/higher-brain-living/

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Episode: Join Cindy Locher and our member Paula Sevenich, a Wellness Advocate for doTerra Essential Oils, as we explore the nature of essential oils, and how they can help your health and your home.  Learn more about Paula Sevenich and doTerra Essential Oils on this great smelling show! (LOL!  Too bad there isn’t a scent function for podcasts!). Check back — the date for the workshop to be held at ChangeWorks Center in Apple Valley is coming soon (it will be in early November 2014).

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Episode:  Join Cindy Locher, Director of the Twin Cities Holistic Practitioners Association, and our member Michelle McGlade of Bellacu, a holistic wellness center in Mendota Heights MN for a discussion about acupuncture. Can acupuncture help your issue? Find out!


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