Higher Brain Living

AWAKEN Higher Brain Living® Apple Valley

Member Practitioner

Hope Scoles, M.A., L.P., Licensed Higher Brain Living® Advanced Facilitator and AWAKEN Higher Brain Living® Center Owner

Business Name: AWAKEN Higher Brain Living® Apple Valley

Location:  Apple Valley, MN

Website:   http://awakenhigherbrainliving.com/minnesota/apple-valley/apple-valley/home/

Services Provided: Hope Scoles facilitates a gentle touch technique that consistently builds a surge of energy and metabolism in the higher brain structures of the brain to dissipate stress throughout the body.


The Higher Brain Living® Program unlocks the higher brain’s untapped potential to create lasting states of joy, focus, and clarity and positively impact all areas of life.

Clients report a marked increase in their ability to meet their goals and enjoy success at work and greatly improve their relationships and health. Clients also report lowering their anxiety, depression and pain levels, to name just a few.

In every session of the Higher Brain Living® program, clients let go of stress from their bodies and this is a healthier way to live. During a Higher Brain Living® forty-five minute session, clients state that they move into a quieted mind, often for the first time ever. They report feeling happy throughout the day, with a sense of focus and ease in their lives.